Genetics and Biomarkers of Parkinson's Disease in Ireland



Skin in PArkinson's Disease 


Skin changes are highly recognised in patients with Parkinson's disease, however these changes have not been investigated in depth. Some hypotheses for these skin changes in PD are; abnormal dopaminergic control, parasympathetic hyperactivity, hormonal control and pooling of sebum due to immobility. Quantitative changes in sebum, and its possible relationship to disease subtype, genetic markers or severity have not been evaluated using modern techniques.   


  • To determine if there are differences in the skin profile of PD patients in comparison to healthy controls
  • To determine if the skin profile is different in PD subtypes: tremor-predominant, postural instability gait disorder (PIGD), mixed, familial or sporadic PD.
  • To determine if the skin profile differs between the patients with PD and atypical parkinsonism (multisystem atrophy, progressive supranuclear palsy, corticobasal syndrome).
  • To determine if skin profile assessment may aid a diagnosis of PD.
  • To determine if there is any correlation between the skin profile and the severity, duration, progression and type of PD.
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